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I Can Customize My Cannabinoids?! An Introduction to Microdosing.

*For reference only. Please consult your doctor for medical advice. We are not medical professionals.

The whole world seems to be talking about CBD or cannabinoid supplements right now. It’s a justified conversation and one that we think will continue for decades to come. Just as for the last five thousand years healers, herbalists, and practitioners, have known the well researched and documented benefits of cannabinoids and shared them with us, our future generations will no doubt lead very different, vastly improved lifestyles as a result of the deregulation of the hemp industry in late 2018 and the abundance of research generated. Think of it as the Cannaissance of the 2000’s as it will surely be considered one of the most significant research eras in healthcare.

But how do we get beyond the “one size fits all” mentality current embraced by the typical CBD and cannabinoid layperson in the “green rush” following deregulation? “My CBD is great for EVERYONE!” As advisors with the ultimate goal of serving our clients, let’s slow down a bit and consider thoughtfully.

In my research, all of the arrows seem to be pointing to compounding and personalized formulations. In the hundreds (perhaps thousands) of consumers whom I have helped guide to a better quality of life through cannabinoid supplementation, the first question I generally ask is “What specifically are you hoping to address or accomplish with supplementation?” Of course, the goal is to open the conversation and uncover what challenges that their health is presenting that prevents them from moving through the world in a way that heightens their joy and minimizes their pain. This could be psychic pain (anxiety, stress, exhaustion, depression, et al), or physical pain. The latter being caused by dozens of common catalysts. Inflammation, injury, autoimmune triggers, etc., all contribute to our recurring aches, pains and discomforts. More and more, a majority of us, even our kiddos and pets, are struggling with something.

Which leads to listening, engaging and really focusing on the result specific to the consumer. Cannabinoids in general have been proven, without a doubt, to be powerful anti-inflammatories, anti-anxiety, antimicrobials, and neuroprotectants. What if we could engage specific cannabinoids combined with powerful healing terpenes that are proven to target common symptoms. Let me use a simple example.

We know that anxiety is caused by stress. We know that stress produces inflammation in the body. Inflammation wreaks all sorts of havoc to our health. First line of defense - work with your doctor to rule out serious health issues. Let’s recommend to our high powered CEO suffering from stress that we address the stress holistically with plant based supplementation. How about a high powered cannabinoid tincture starting low and slow and tracked via a reliable titrating app on their smartphone. We will microdose or be sure we find a tincture with Caryophellene, Myrcene, and Limonene, which are stress and anxiety relieving natural terpenes found in the cannabis and hemp plants. Now let’s say our lovely CEO is still having some trouble calming down to sleep. Perhaps we add a microdose of THC. Yes. THAT THC. In microdoses, THC will not induce a psychoactive effect. It will, however, provide a mellow, relaxed feeling without a high in most users. With careful tracking and attention to results, our CEO will most likely have the ability to sleep better and manage stress more effectively.

Of course, a healthy lifestyle of activity, self care and mindful living all contribute to ideal outcomes. The cannabinoid supplementation movement is, of course, gaining substantial traction. I often discuss with my clients and colleagues the awe inspiring anecdotal evidence that has emerged since deregulation. With the ability to now run clinical trails, our visions for continued near miraculous health benefits can only get better.

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