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Bring on 2020!

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Before we share our goals for the upcoming year, we’d like to reflect on some of our milestone accomplishments from 2019, which are shaping the future of this company. It is hard to believe CannaMedU was founded only six short months ago, in July of 2019. Our mission has not changed much, but our overall vision has exploded! Our mission is to bring the very best education and resources about cannabinoid medicine to healthcare professionals and consumers alike. We are passionate about the healing properties of cannabis and we understand that even the safest, holistic medicine comes with responsibilities. We will continue our education and vetting process of the cannabis industry, as a whole, and share all of our knowledge with all of you.

One forum you can tune into, for ongoing, up to date cannabis education, is our podcast, Freshemp! Before creating CannaMedU, we launched our podcast earlier in the year, which has proven to be a powerful vehicle to connect to the best of the best in the cannabis industry, including nurses, pharmacists, educators and growers. We plan to pack the schedule full of many more amazing trailblazers, who have been in this industry a lot longer than we have, teaching us something new with each episode. We hope you will subscribe, if you haven’t already. Join us on this journey, which is sure to include many more exciting guests, including many we haven’t even met yet! If you think you might be one of those people, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and request a segment on Freshemp!

Teamwork makes the dream work

CannaMedU would not be able to provide you with the very best information if it weren’t for our closely vetted partnerships. We are privileged to connect and partner with leading educators, like Green Flower Academy and Healer, to offer courses from scientists, doctors and nurses who have been studying cannabinoid medicine for decades. It may be new to most of us, but these specialists have dedicated their time and careers to research and education, to bring you the most cutting-edge information about the endocannabinoid system and the importance cannabinoid supplementation is to your overall health. If you are interested in expanding your education and jumping into this exciting industry, now is the time! You will find more information here, on our website, We plan to add to the list of education sources and opportunities over the next year, so keep an eye out for new courses!

It’s one thing to learn about cannabinoid medicine, but it is the wild west out there, with regard to cannabis and hemp products, such as CBD hemp oil, edibles, topicals, etc. It’s pretty hard to measure your success with a product, if it isn’t actually the best product for you, or more importantly, a safe product. We want to help you navigate the waters and do the research for you. We are currently partnered with two highly respected seed to bottle companies that are passionate about your health and putting out the very best product they can achieve.

Those are the types of partnerships we are looking for and will continue to add more product options to our list in the upcoming year. You will find more information about our “products we love” from our partners, Equilibria and Frontier Jackson here, on our website,

As a business created by woman, CannaMedU is passionate about lifting women up and providing them with a safe space to talk about their health and how to use cannabis for various health conditions, specific to women.

Partnering with Ellementa, a global network for women and cannabis, as your Ellementa leaders in Indiana, has given us the platform and format to hold gatherings all over our city, just for women. We meet every THIRD THURSDAY of the month and you can find more information about topics, locations and Eventbrite links, to purchase tickets on our website, Every gathering is a little different and we work hard to make sure the ladies who show up get the information they are seeking. We invite you to join our Ellementa Women Indiana Facebook group, to stay in touch!

Looking forward to 2020 and beyond

A big goal we have for CannaMedU in 2020 is to establish an ongoing list on our website of healthcare providers, of all types, who are educated in cannabinoid medicine and open to working with patients who are using cannabis to treat specific conditions. Our vision and dream is to have choices of clinicians all over the United States, with many specific specialties. We know this will take time, but we plan to have this underway early in 2020. If you are a clinician who is interested in this level of partnership with CannaMedU, please don’t hesitate to reach out! One nice thing about technology, you can typically work with doctors remotely, if you don’t have choices of cannabinoid specialists in your area. We believe someday, as the industry catches up, this information will be taught in medical school. In the meantime, we feel you shouldn’t have to wait for this level of care.

One area of care that seems to be crucial for cannabinoid medicine is senior care. Many age-related, common illnesses have been directly linked to cannabinoid deficiency, which means many people are able to replace prescription drugs with cannabinoid supplementation – always with the help and oversight of their doctors.

While we wait for our medical community to get on board, we are going straight to the source, educating our senior community in assisted living facilities, like Robin Run, as well as their caregivers. A big part of our vision and goals for CannaMedU in 2020 is a larger outreach within our senior community. If you know of a facility with which we should connect, please let us know. Our experiences with Robin Run have been some of the most rewarding times we’ve shared in 2019. We love empowering people of all ages, giving them the tools to live their best life.

Whatever the reason has been for us to connect to you, we thank you so much for your support and interest in CannaMedU. We hope you will continue to join us on this exciting journey, while we dive deeper into the world of cannabis and explore areas we have not yet discovered. In this industry, that seems to happen daily. It is exciting, overwhelming, frustrating, empowering, but most of all, rewarding. We love what we do and we are here to help where we can. Just ask!

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