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Beyond the "Strains"

There’s no question that as we approach the end of 2019, cannabis for health and wellness continues to evolve, fascinate, and frankly, delight us. As biologists, formulators, and medical experts continue to capitalize on the opportunity to dig into research on this plant, they bring us more specific ways to help consumers improve their health.

The list of medical professionals specializing in using cannabinoid supplementation as a sole or adjunct therapy for their patients is small. Those who are wisely recommending it, invariably realize the importance of a deep understanding of the plant and its’ components. This is where the line and knowledge base between “adult use” or “recreational” cannabis, and "medical use” cannabis becomes more distinct.

Personally, this became clear in my search for help with my teenage son and his wish to overcome attention deficit and focus challenges. Traditional pharmacological stimulants had crippling side effects and were cost prohibitive. In his early elementary years, through trial and error, we ultimately, refused to medicate him. When on stimulants, he lost his personality, acting “zombified.” It was frightening and the start of a long and frustrating search. It ultimately led to cannabis in the form of hemp. Fascinating collaboration and discussion with a nurse and cannabis farmer uncovered an interesting realization. While self medicating in college, cannabis, specifically THC, helped him dramatically with his ADD.

Huh. Fast forward past an endless curiosity and many interviews later to my own realization that the uses of this plant in very specific ways can potentially help every human being. Dosing and chemovar specificity are very important. It all leads back to the importance of ongoing research and continuing education. Understanding the nuances of microdosing, cannabinoid profiles, terpenes and flavonoids present in each plant can make all the difference. We all know people who have tried cannabis products only to determine that “they didn’t work” for them. The fact that we have had so much success this early in our experience using medical cannabis in modern society is a testament to the power of the plant. I encourage you to allow yourself to try and imagine the level if health we can achieve when our medical professionals understand and embrace the power of specific chemovars. This means moving beyond “strains” and leveling up to deeply understand the biology of the plants.

This is when we learn more thoroughly and discuss chemovars and cultivars. Knowledge is power. Power to heal the human body. What’s the difference you ask? Great question! Check out my next blog post for the fascinating and compelling answers.

CannaMedU is actively seeking medical professionals qualified to treat and consult with our clients for referral purposes. If you are interested being included in our growing database of medical professionals, please contact

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