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We know it's not easy to sort through all of the conflicting information available on cannabinoid supplementation.  In an effort to simplify your starting point, we've consolidated these resources for your use.  In addition to our partner companies, GreenFlower, Healer, and Ellementa, there are several reliable educational websites and books to add to your library.  These will be regularly updated as more studies are conducted and released.  


We urge you to be cautious with your choices as many are profiting from the deregulation of the hemp plant and changing cannabis laws.  Many "review" websites are paid per click by the companies that they are reviewing.  Unbiased information exists and is shared here.  Enjoy the learning journey and congratulations on starting your path to improved health and wellness!


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The Answer Page

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Read it here:


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Stay Up to Date


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Watch our co-founder, certified cannabis educator, Pam Trapp, discuss science and anecdotal testimonials about cannabinoid supplementation. Keep checking back for new and updated videos from us and our partner resources.  

Exclusive Interview 


Greenflower CEO Max Simon


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