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HEALER Advisor and Certification Training

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Be a trusted cannabis advisor.  Get Healer Certified.


Healer Certified is an online medical cannabis and CBD certification program. Developed by renowned cannabis clinician Dr. Dustin Sulak, with evidence based training and condition specific dosage guidelines.


Designed for industry professionals, allied healthcare providers and consumers to be confident in your advisory role and achieve the best possible results.  


The Healer Certified program includes:



Learn Dr. Sulak’s trusted dosage protocols, patient strategies and the latest science and research supporting medical cannabis.  All included in the program:



  • The Endocannabinoid System: How and Why Cannabis Works

  • The Pharmacology of Cannabis

  • All about Terpenes

  • Potential Therapeutic Effects

  • The Adverse Effects of Cannabis

  • Dosage Forms of Medical Cannabis

  • Understanding Dosing and Absorption

  • Drug Interactions and Consumer Safety

  • Substance Use Disorders and Intoxication



  • Cannabis Dosing Principles

  • Dose-Response Effects and the Therapeutic Window

  • Combining THC, CBD and Choosing Strains

  • Treatment Strategies

  • Benefits of Psychoactivity

  • Non-Psychoactive Strategies

  • General Guidelines for Patient Types

  • Condition-Specific Treatments and Example Cases

  • Fostering Healing without Practicing Medicine



  • What is CBD and How Does it Work?

  • The Proven Therapeutic Effects of CBD

  • Therapeutic Applications of CBD

  • Adverse Effects and Interactions

  • Shopping for CBD

  • CBD Dosing and Delivery Methods



  • Live webinars with Dr. Sulak on new research and Q&A

  • Library access to previous webinars



Turnkey videos, dosage guides and social media content to educate your patients and consumers. 

Cannabis Law and Your Responsibility

• How to protect your license & how rules are made • Liability and possible penalties
• How to pass compliance checks
• The legal age to shop

• The rules pertaining to sales
• The restrictions on products and selling
• The regulations around packaging and labeling
• How to keep detailed complete records to protect you

Safety & Security

• Exactly what security requirements are needed to operate a legal cannabis business

• What’s required for seed-to-sale tracking in order to ensure your operating in compliance

• How to ensure your employees and customers are following best-practices for safety and security in a cannabis business

• How to properly dispose of waste and other cannabis products in a safe and compliant way

Educating Customers to Ensure a Positive Cannabis Experience
• How to explain the Endocannabinoid system
• How to deal with people who ask specific medical

questions (if you’re not a doctor)

Educating Customers continued

• A general overview of how each product type impacts people uniquely

• Best practices to help customers find cannabis products that are right for them

• How to ensure patients don’t over-medicate or have a bad experience with cannabis products

Checking IDs

• How to ensure that every cannabis customer meets the state requirements for purchasing cannabis legally

• When and how to properly check-in a customer according to the regulations

• How to respectfully but legally turn away a customer who doesn’t meet the requirements

• The negative repercussions of not checking IDs properly

Handling Tricky Situations

• Address customers who are being abusive or derogatory

• Deal with intoxicated customers safely and effectively. • Politely decline customers who make unlawful

• Properly document incidents in a way that protects

you and your establishment


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