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As people begin to better understand that cannabis is a medicinal plant – and as more states legalize its use – many women are asking:

“Is cannabis right for me, for my loved ones, for my partner?”

Ellementa is a global women’s cannabis wellness network. They are a women-owned company formed to connect women with trusted information, supportive community, and reliable resources focused on the health and wellness benefits of cannabis. We guide women on how to integrate cannabis legally, safely, and discreetly into their lives and introduce them to experts as well as brands with quality products and services to serve them.

Ellementa brings together diverse women with different levels of experience with cannabis – from the long-time consumer to the curious and exploring, from the medical user to the woman looking for a natural way to unwind at the end of the day. This amazing company connects women with trusted experts and brands so they can make educated decisions about the products and services they purchase on their cannabis journey.

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Healer Certified is an online medical cannabis and

CBD certification program.

Developed by renowned cannabis clinician Dr. Dustin Sulak, with evidence based training and condition specific dosage guidelines.


Designed for industry professionals, allied healthcare providers and consumers to be confident in your advisory role and achieve the best possible results.